The visual theme of tree rings refers to a careful selection of raw materials and process of aging in wooden barrels. A tactile texture of the print also alludes to a fingerprint – a trace of human labour, a feel of handcraft.



The character evolves over time.

The taste of Żubrówka Black Aged is a combination of water drawn from springs in the Białowieża Forest, exceptional Polish wheat spirit and unique filtration process using charcoal from Białowieża oaks. Its ultimate character is created through the process of aging in barrels made of the best wood species, which grant it their flavour.
Żubrówka is a legendary Polish vodka, known and valued all over the world. We were asked to develop packaging for new flavour variants aged in two types of barrels – ash and oak. Our main task was to emphasise the natural origin of the ingredients as well as artisanal character of the product.



Design: Oksana Shmygol, Julek Wierzchowski
Copywrite: Anna Słowiakowska
Packshots: Mateusz Torbus