Housing complex in Old Podgórze in Krakow is Miastologia's first flagship investment. Characteristic layout of the building and modular design of the apartments (in the simplest terms – two M-2 can be rearranged to form an M-4 and vice versa) made both apartment numbering and directions to the apartments from several entrances quite a challenge.







Our job was to create wayfinding system to match the elegant and unobtrusive architecture as well as make a graphical reference to the main brand Miastologia.


The discreet wayfinding included floor and apartment numbers, street name, signage etc.

We designed decorative metalwork for both outside and inside of the buildings (on the mezzanine).



Art direction: Marcin Wolny
Design: Paulina Du┼║niak, Tomasz Jurecki, Marcin Wolny
Photo: oni.com.pl