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Together with the logo, we have developed a system of markings for all municipal institutions and units of the Municipal Office. In the logotype and urban materials, we used Favela typeface designed by Mateusz Machalski. Blue colour from the municipal coat of arms was complemented by additional "Silesian" colors: black, red and yellow.
City of Rybnik is located in the heart of Upper Silesia region. Like most cities in this industrial agglomeration, it undergoes transformation – from a mining and steel city into a modern and friendly urban centre. Part of these changes is a new visual identity. In 2017, the Rybnik authorities commissioned us to develop a complete visual identity system. Due to the city's long and rich history, it is based on it's heraldry.
"Rybnik" means a fish pond – historically, the city was famous for fish farming, hence the image of a pike in the coat of arms. However, the way in which the coat of arms was drawn made it impossible to simplify and use it in modern media. That is why it had to be drawn from scratch for the new visual identity. Drawn with a thicker line, the simplified "heraldic logo" can now be freely scaled and placed on various backgrounds and reproduced in different techniques.



The new visual identity of Rybnik includes the graphic design of municipal documents, publications and information and promotional materials – printed and electronic. Including: official stationery and documents, layouts of posters, folders and leaflets, as well as a city website. Coherent signage will cover municipal buildings, car fleets, including public transport vehicles, as well as gifts and other advertising materials.

Creative & art direction: Marcin Wolny
Design: Marcin Wolny, Oksana Shmygol, Tomasz Jurecki,
Paulina Duźniak
Manual: Maciej Mach, Jan Drozd

The leitmotif of Rybnik’s visual identity are the illustrations inspired by stained-glass windows from the Rybnik Town Hall. Figures in stained glass windows depict allegories of industries traditionally associated with Rybnik: metallurgy, industry and commerce, urban community, mining and agriculture.
The summary of the design work is a special website siw.rybnik.eu, which is both a presentation and on-line manual – demonstrative instructions for use and a constantly updated database of visual identity components.
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