key visual

Bracia Sadownicy is a brand that sells pressed apple juice, apples and juice based sparkling drinks. 

The creators of the brand are Adam and Paweł, young brothers, whose family has been growing apples for generations. Besides fresh, unwaxed apples, the brand produces apple juices and drinks enriched with flavours from polish gardens such as quince, elderflower, currant or carrot.


We press, sparkle, rub, dry, but first of all we grow our apples.






We believe that processed apple products don't need to be improved, conserved or additionally sweetened, and apples shouldn't be waxed. Fruits take care of themselves, they have their natural ways.

We care for this place.
And for the bees that live here.


Art direction & design: Julek Wierzchowski,
Oksana Shmygol, Tomasz Jurecki,
Packshots: Mateusz Torbus
Photo: Ewelina Pocztarska
Copywriter: Łukasz Wojtysko
Project coordinator from the client's side:
Dawid Błaszczyk, Aleksandra Głuchowska

We developed the complete visual identity of the brand – logo, key visual for marketing communication, packaging for all product lines: fresh apples, sparkling drinks and juices.