Zion / Syjon

This years' edition of the Jewish Culture Festival coincided with the 70th anniversary of the founding of the state of Israel, and its main theme became a keyword "Zion" – embodiment of the Promised Land, a place on Earth one yearns for and where the dreams come true.

Designing the visual identity of the 28th edition we decided to depict Zion as a dream, shimmering with a multitude of ungraspable colours and used holographic foil for the wordmark. We applied the foil all across the festival materials – print materials, advertising pillars and banners, t-shirts, rollups, identity cards etc, reproduced in a number of techniques – hot-stamping, hand gluing of self-adhesive holographic vinyl, applying heat transfer foil on textiles.











Art direction: Oksana Shmygol
Design: Oksana Shmygol, Julek Wierzchowski, Tomasz Jurecki
Packshoty: Mateusz Torbus
VR: Iggy Pacanowski
Foto: Michał Ramus, Bartosz Dittmar, Marcin Aks Grochowina, Haim Barbalat, Rob Bye, Eddie Stigson