We are a branding studio.

We re-invent brands, those with long history and those that are just being born. Global and local, commercial and public, offline and online ones. By now we have designed over a hundred brands for products, companies, institutions, places and events.

Oksana Shmygol

Mirek Kliś

Patrycja Mola

Julek Wierzchowski

We are aware of the commercial role of design and the usefulness of marketing tools, which doesn't stop us from seeing a human where others see a target audience. In our work we look closely not only at charts and surveys, but at everyday life – here is where we look for solutions.

Tomek Jurecki

We take responsibility for all life stages of a brand:

  • visual strategies;
  • communication systems;
  • a project (or organization) of brand architecture;
  • audit, rival solutions analysis;
  • naming and copywriting;
  • a logo and its setting;
  • complete stationery sets;
  • information and promotion materials – treated
  • as a distinguishable homogeneous whole;
  • technical preparation and supervision of production quality for all identity elements;
  • systematization – specification for correct usage of visual identity;
  • functional web pages projects, websites, including such complex works as portals and shops;
  • ongoing attendance.

We also teach design, publish and participate in the life of the creative industry. We care for good practice, nice atmosphere and common sense.